Steve Bonino Stargazer Album cover

Steve Bonino Stargazer 2 Album cover

Peter Skov spotlights Stargazer and Stargazer 2 in episode 20 of Music is a Journey

DJ Tony premieres the album Stargazer 2 and talks with Steve Bonino on House of Prog from March 9, 2019.

Listen to an interview with Steve as he discusses Stargazer with Treg Julander on The Rock Tale Hour Podcast.

Read the new review for Stargazer and interview with Steve by Paul Watson for All Things Prog & Rock.

Listen to Stephen Speelman's interview with Steve Bonino about the album Stargazer for Friday Night Progressive – Recorded on October 26, 2018

Listen to House of Prog's Tony Romero interview Steve Bonino about his new album Stargazer. Recorded on September 29, 2018.

Listen to House of Prog's Tony Romero interview the members of Bomber Goggles and hear songs from their new album Gyreland.

Listen to DJ Peter Prog highlight Steve Bonino's album Stargazer as Album of the Week on Check it Out on ProgRock.com.

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